Why us?

Because we offer free consulting to determine customers’ IT needs and identify the best solutions, then we quickly and efficiently solve all their requests to support them in the operation and development of their own business.

Most of our customers, even those who have their own IT department, have chosen to reach out to our services constantly, thus obtaining a series of advantages (saving time, more efficient work and easier predictability of future costs, but most importantly, our knowledge and experience).

For the rest of our customers, which are just as important to us, but who only contact us occasionally in case of an emergency or a more complex issue to solve, we quickly try to find the best answers in the shortest time possible.

“We have been, we are and we will always be o company in which we can manifest our creativity and passion for modern technologies and where, together with our customers, we can evolve in a sustainable way, as people and as an organization.”

Claudiu Caraman – founder


28 years ago, we began our activity by installing and repairing fax machines in Bucharest and the surrounding areas, after that moving our headquarters to Brasov and implementing a new activity – selling computers and components to individuals. Following the technological progress, communicating by fax is being replaced with online communication, therefore all businesses needing computer networks and professional IT services, making us decide to specialize in this domain and little by little give up retailing and repairing fax machines. When the economic recession starts in 2008, it makes us reconsider how we use our resources, therefore implementing a cost reducing policy, followed by accumulation of reserves, then gradually resuming business development. Starting with 2012, we are hiring new people to increase the activity of professional IT services, and in 2015, after moving to a new location, we continue to hire and train our employees, approaching a new activity, creating websites and custom software applications. High level of customer satisfaction, determined in 2016, following a scientific study on customer perception of the quality of our services, but also good economic results, certified by obtaining the first place in Brasov in the category of microenterprises (CAEN code 9511) in the National Top of Companies, allowed us to continue our development, both as a business and as individuals. To complete the range of professional services offered, starting with 2019, following specialization courses, we have developed a new activity, the installation of video surveillance, alarm and access control systems, certified and authorized in 2020. Currently, despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, we are working on projects to develop current activities, but also new ones, so that we are ready to support the current and future activities of all our customers.

Our vision

We want to remain, at least for another 25 years, a stable and reliable company, to preserve our values ​​and identity and to develop sustainably, together and for the benefit of all, be they customers, employees, partners or other stakeholders.

Our mission

Our mission is, while maintaining our own economic and organizational stability, to provide customers with a full range of professional solutions and IT products and services that allow them to operate, streamline and develop their own business.

Our values

Our customers

Our clients are companies from various fields of activity, industrial production (automotive, aeronautics, chemistry, metallurgy, construction, footwear, etc.), companies with distribution, transport and logistics activities, companies in the medical and pharmaceutical field, companies with tourism activities, financial, accounting, legal and notarial and others, the common element being the desire to benefit from high-performance IT solutions and systems that allow them to operate and develop their own businesses.

Depășim așteptările!

* According to a study conducted in 2016, regarding customers’ perception of the quality of our services.

Our partners

Carefully chosen!

Partener Kyocera
Partener Microsoft
Partener MailStore
Partener Fortinet
Certificat ISO 9001 In Curs de Implementare

Quality management

The adoption of a quality management system is a strategic decision for an organization, a decision that can help improve its overall performance, being a solid basis for sustainable development, which is why we are implementing the Quality Management System – ISO 9001.




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M – F: 9.00 – 17.00