Main services

Professional IT services

IT maintenance – We prevent the occurrence of problems by maintaining and periodically checking hardware equipment.

IT administration – We manage the equipment, monitor its operation, develop and modernize the IT system.

IT technical support – We solve customer requests using remote access or send technicians to the customer’s premises.

Video security and surveillance

Video surveillance systems – We install, troubleshoot, extend and manage video surveillance systems.

Access and time control systems – We implement, troubleshoot and manage access control and time control systems.

Burglar alarm systems – We install, troubleshoot, expand and operate burglar alarm systems.

Software programming and web design

Custom software applications – We make, with the most modern technologies, customized software, adapted to the requirements of each client.

Websites and online stores – We build, adapt, modify and manage presentation websites and online stores.

Making and processing images and videos – We create and process images and video content for use on websites.

Auxiliary services


Hosting and managing domains, sites and email accounts.


Consultancy for companies and individual users in the field of IT and security systems.


Carrying out the necessary cabling for data networks, voice and security systems.


Install and configure rack cabinets for organizing servers and the network.


Troubleshooting of computer equipment and electronic subassemblies.


Training users on how to work with software equipment and applications.

Service management

Because we want our customers’ businesses, but also our business, to function and grow, we carefully plan and carry out all activities, check the results obtained and constantly adjust the working methods, the solutions we offer and the allocation of resources.

To increase the efficiency and quality of the services we offer, we use modern solutions such as remote technical support system and Help Desk platform, equipment monitoring and management system, communication and resource management systems, customer satisfaction being our main goal.

Onsite IT services

It is a service that involves the physical presence of one or more technicians at customers’ premises, occasionally, periodically or permanently, to perform tasks that cannot be automated or solved remotely, such as:

  • maintenance of computer equipment;
  • technical support at customer locations;
  • other services (removals, installations, repairs, wiring, etc.).


  • reducing the risks, costs and losses associated with the malfunction or non-operation of computer equipment, maintaining a large part of these situations through maintenance;
  • access to experienced staff, who can respond to the most varied requests in the IT field.

Offsite IT services

Whenever possible, even without being physically present at customers’ premises, the entire team of Romwell specialists is available to carry out certain operations or requests, such as:

  • administration, monitoring and security;
  • remote technical support – Help Desk;
  • various cloud services.


  • resolving customer requests quickly, often on the spot, thus eliminating the time lost traveling to their premises;
  • access to the full expertise of our specialists, no matter where they are at that time.




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M – F: 9.00 – 17.00